When writing this page the first thing you think of saying is the most cliché line in any conversation about food, I’m a food lover or I’m a foodie. Which I am, an obsessive even, but that’s not the point. 

I began a food site because friends are always asking me for recipes and recommendations. I love to cook and eat, but most of all I love to share food: this site enables me to share more food with more people.

I started experimenting in the kitchen at four years old, under the dubious guidance of ‘The Crazy Cookbook’ unearthed on a local market stall, and I quickly became addicted to the transformational magic of cooking – it enchanted and empowered me.  Food is, I think, a dialogue; with the people you’re cooking for, with those who have cooked the dish before you, with the place where you’re from and those places you hope to go to. Cooking excites me and soothes me, it is how I communicate to those I love, and now to you too! 


The recipes I’ll be posting are not diet or cuisine centric; some may be vegetarian friendly, others could have a Middle Eastern flavour (hinting at my roots) or simply be my take on classics – roast chicken, vinaigrette, tarte Provençale, apple pie…

With the restaurant recommendations, I am not focusing on places that are new or hip, just those I’ve been to and enjoyed and about which I’m happy to spread the word. As for the gadget reviews, well I love kitchen gadgets, and this site is a great opportunity for me to indulge myself! 

I hope you enjoy the site, and please get in touch with any queries or suggestions…


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