Breddos Tacos: Mexican Classics with Asian Accents

The other night our neighbours were playing a gig in Clerkenwell, by the time their set finished at 10.30pm I was hollow-stomached and panicking about where would still be serving – while Clerkenwell has an abundance of great restaurants, it is still London, so most kitchens aren’t operating after 10:30pm…

A few tense minutes of searching n scrolling led to the happy discovery of Breddos Tacos on Goswell Road, open until 11:30pm… we proceeded with haste. I’ve been a fan Breddos Tacos for quite a while now, though I’d never been to the Clerkenwell location.

I was admittedly, a little hesitant, I generally don’t like going to restaurants late (or, late by London standards), when they’re getting ready to shut the kitchen down and end service. The staff, who have been slaving over hot grills and tables are usually exhausted, and you never quite get the best experience.

However, when we arrived, we were met by a very friendly staff member who gave us a couple of seating options.

Breddos Tacos

The menu is compact but varied – ideal in our “feed me, feed me now” state. We decided on the guacamole, a tostada, a couple of tacos and a quesadilla. For any taqueria the guacamole is the litmus test of how good the rest of the meal is going to be. This one didn’t disappoint, chunky avocado, perfect amount of lime, topped with a spicy red salsa and served with fresh totopos (nachos). It really was excellent.

After the guacamole came the tuna tostada.  This is where things can go wrong, especially so close to end of service, as many restaurants will fry up their tostadas first thing and by the time you’re ordering in the evening they’ve evolved from tostadas to something so stale you need a chainsaw rather than teeth. This tostada however was warm from the fryer not the microwave, perfectly crispy, topped with more of that excellent guacamole, a really nice salsa macha and some fresh tuna. It was so good we were still talking about on the tube ride home.

We then go stuck into our hot dishes, starting off with the Cochinita Pibil Quesadilla, beautifully moist pulled pork with just a hint of sourness (exactly how it should be) with pickled red onions topping a melty three cheese quesadilla.

Then came the tacos, Carne Asada and Pueblo Style Árabes. The Carne Asada was perfect and I loved the fact that they had used onglet, which is what I use for my Asada (see my recipe here). The steak was a perfect medium-rare, the cream added a little moisture and the onions brought texture and some extra bite.

The Pueblo Style Árabes tacos was also good with a lot of flavour, however the lamb was a little mushy. I’ve had this taco before for lunch at the Soho branch and it was better. Maybe on this occasion it had been reheated one too many times, and the fibres had broken down that bit too far?

Finally, drinks. My girlfriend fancies herself a connoisseur of the Michelada, a cerveza preparada (of which there are numerous versions throughout Mexico and Latin America) made with beer, lime juice, assorted sauces (usually chillie-based), spices, tomato juice and chillie peppers; served in a chilled salt rimmed glass. Breddos’ versions lime tomato juice and their own spice mix; they wipe the glass rim with lime, then scatter with salt and serrano flakes – very effective, I was reliably informed.

I’m so glad we ended up having dinner Breddos. The staff were very friendly, the food was excellent. And my initial hesitations about going late were quashed; if anything I’m an even bigger fan Breddos Tacos than I already was. Now what about opening 24 hours…?

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Restaurant Contact Information

Breddos Tacos Clerkenwell

Address: 82 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7DB

Nearest Tube: Barbican

Tel:020 3535 8301

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday : 12–11pm

Friday & Saturday : 12-11:30pm

Sunday : 12–5pm

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