Dreamfarm Garject

Garject: Press, Scrape & Eject

Dreamfarm Garject £22.95
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Overall a good garlic press, but the scraper is a little flimsy and doesn’t completely scrape the garlic off cleanly.

I bought the Dreamfarm Garject after seeing a great looking video on Instagram. Adding garlic usually comes in the middle of the sautéing process when timing is of the essence; so the idea of not having to locate a knife and scrape off the minced garlic then extract the used skin before using the press again (as with a traditional press) was appealing. They’d be less burned garlic – plus a new gadget to play with.

However, as with many inventions improving a classic, it didn’t quite live up to expectations. That’s not to say it’s all bad, but I’ll leave the positives for later. 

Most of the issues I have are with the unique feature, the scraper. For what is a very sturdy and well built stainless steel garlic press, the plastic scraper seems surprisingly flimsy, and it doesn’t scrape off 100% off the garlic. I’m not a product designer, but it feels  like it needs a stronger spring to keep the scraper pressed against the extrusion holes, ensuring all the minced garlic is removed.

More frustrating, while the scraper removes most of the garlic a little is pushed back on the to the handle. For a product that promotes itself as allowing you to mince garlic without ever touching it, having a garlicky handle defeats the purpose. I like the smell of garlic, but for someone that doesn’t this could be a considerable drawback.

The ejector, however, is my favourite aspect of the Garject. It’s probably the child in me, but I love trying to land the garlic skin into my waste bin from different parts of the kitchen (it’s not that big of a kitchen). Though this is also not without a challenge:  the latch that connects to the scraper which gives the ejector the pop it needs to thoroughly eject the skin doesn’t always catch. Thus a floor full of crushed garlic skins.

I feel I’ve been overly judgemental, because if you take it back to its basic element, a garlic press, this is a really good product. It’s a well built press. The handles are long and comfortable for added pressure so you can get the most out of your garlic without turning your knuckles white in the process. And it can easily fit two cloves at a time, which is handy.

A quick piece of advice, the first couple of times you use the press prepare the garlic before you start cooking. It’s so easy to get caught up playing with the mechanism you’ll forget you’ve just added garlic to the pan – until an acrid smell alerts you it’s too late!

Overall it’s a good garlic press. Would I buy it again? Yes, but not for the revolutionary scraper. In fact, if I didn’t need the scraper to play my intrepid cross-kitchen ejector game I’d probably remove it all together, that’s why the overall score is a little low. I would buy it because it’s good solid garlic press, and I get to have a little extra fun in the kitchen while cooking. 

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